About Us.

We’re a retired couple living on Florida’s west coast. Travel is in our genes. Belinda is a native of Taiwan and I’m originally from England. We’ve lived in more than twenty-five different homes in four countries during our fifty-one years of marriage. Additionally, we have visited more than fifty countries throughout that same period. Our photo gallery is a collection of images that reflects many of our travels, places of residence and family. We hope you find it enjoyable viewing. We certainly had fun putting it together.

Belinda & Charlotte
Incredible wife and loving grandmother

I really enjoy being a grandmother. Colin, my youngest son, has two lovely and extremely bright daughters, Mackenzie and Charlotte. This was Charlotte's fifth birthday bash at a local Chuck E. Cheese. I'm really lucky to have Colin and his family living close enough that I can see them all often.

Max & Charlotte
Doating grandfather

Also at Charlotte's fifth birthday party and fortunate enough to catch her not mugging for the camera! I too enjoy being a grandparent and am so pleased that Colin and his wife, Shaye, were able to break the Moon family multi-generation record of no girl offspring.

Meet our family.

Our immediate family members (i.e. children, grandchildren, siblings and parents) are all living in America, Taiwan and Japan. We have uncles, aunts and cousins in Australia and England as well. There are a few links to family websites in the sections that follow.


Colin Y. Moon

Colin is our youngest son and father of our two granddaughters. He moved his family to Florida from N.J. a few years ago. Colin is a Practice Manager leading a consulting group that provides services implementing OpenText CEM products and OpenText Content Server and solutions.

Shaye (Ensign) Moon

Shaye is Colin's wife. She attended County College of Morris in New Jersey. Shaye works part-time as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at a spa in Land O' Lakes, Florida.

Mackenzie Moon

Mackenzie is our eldest granddaughter. She's a talented gymnast, possibly with aspirations for the Olympics. More than likely though she will be the visionary designer-engineer of an indispensable machine you'll find in most American homes in the very near future.

Charlotte Moon

Charlotte, our second granddaughter, is a young lady with "questions", as you can tell from this photo. She too is quite athletic but leans more in the direction of the dramatic arts! I expect to see her on Broadway some day.


Eric L. Moon

Eric is our eldest son. He is the creative director at Salon Edjii, a Harrisburg salon that he opened in 2013. Eric's salon is located on Derry Street, just minutes from downtown Harrisburg. When he’s not in the salon, Eric travels the globe as an artist and educator with TIGI, a hair care products company.


You Tsai Hou

Belinda's father. He passed away in 2011 in Taoyuan, Taiwan at the age of 95. His support enabled us to navigate the morass of paperwork required when Belinda and I were married and departed Taiwan in 1968.

Lin Liang Hou

Belinda's mother. She passed away in 2016 in Taoyuan, Taiwan at the age of 92. She is missed terribly by Belinda and her four sisters. Although two of her five daughters do not not live in Taiwan, they all managed to return home to see her at the time of her passing.

Eric E. Moon

Max's father. He was a retired librarian, editor and president of Scarecrow Press living in Florida. He passed away in Sarasota, Florida in 2016 at the age of 93.

Diana M. McMorrow

Max's mother. She is a Floridian retiree also. She is living close enough that we can visit regularly, go out to the movies weekly and celebrate holidays together.